Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sorry for Our Absence

Due to passing time & forgotten login credentials, we neglected our blog. It is our hope & desire that we will once again share our lives with you through our blog. Please check back once in a while when you think of the Q's. 

God Bless All of You,

Steve Quakkelaar

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rancho Sordo Mudo Pictures

For those of you who didn't know, Eva, Gabe, and Steve went to a deaf ranch in Mexico with a group from a church in St Louis. We helped do some framing, and some general tasks for the staff as they got ready for the school year. We should be posting an update soon.

 Sorry we didn't take more pictures, but here is a few.

It was a tropical/dessert climate

Eva and Bethany
A SUPER nice house in the small town by the ranch

Eva, Bethany, and Sophia helping in the kitchen
Eva helping in the pantry
Bethany helping in the pantry

A REALLY cool picture on the wall we tore down
Eva, Bethany, and Sophia with JJ
Kelli and JJ
Mrs L. and JJ
Our group
Serving PIZZA!!!
Moriah & JJ
All the kids!
The view from the plane

That beautiful picture again
The sunrise from the top of the hill
Coming over the horizon...
And its up!
Me and Jeremiah
Kelli's favorite game...
Kelli sitting in Luke's chair... thats a BIG no-no!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Z!!!

Happy 9th Birthday Zeko!!! Hope you have a blessed 9th year of your life!!!
(a few memories from the years!)

Zeko With a butterfly!
                                                      Zeko and Chi dressed up as chines boys
                                                         Gabers and Zeko reading before bed!!
WHOOO is in the tree?  

two cuteies both of them are sure growing up!
We love you Zeko and can't wait to see what God does for you in your 9th year of life!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lovely Snow Day!

Overall its been a VERY mild winter, which I am really ok with!  We just chuckle when they forecast snow, however this time it really came!  Over 4inches of white winter fun!  All the fun memories of childhood snow fun come rushing back.... but how do you share with children the joys you can have in the snow except to join them? :)  To be outside with big flakes falling on your and the fresh snow crunching under your boots, ah it was REFRESHING!  (I know all of you from up north think I am silly!  I hadn't realized how cooped up I've been!)  

  Well thought we'd share a few photo highlights for you and wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! 
sledding, snowballs and catching snowflakes!

of course they build a jump guess they do remember a few things

someones not to sure if this is safe!

family snow fun (all this before school :) yep they have a mean teacher!)

at 2 and a half she is sharing her wonderful personality!   

The whole snow family with lots of great builders!
Mom helped make the snow child and she got to wear someones gloves and hat (which someone  was pretty sure at nap time we should go back out and save!)

Not sure if those are curls or rollers on the head but creative for sure!

Maggie and her snow lady

Gabe complete with silver buttons and a heart scarf for valentines day!

Camo man did a great job on his snow guy!

Very creative, from a mohawk to getting the gloves to form the peace sign

The happy Mr and Mrs Snowman..... as of this afternoon thanks to the temps rising to 43 and Mr sun shining, these are the only 2 left standing!  The warm weather has already toppled all of the "children" which was tragic for a few!  What a fun day enjoying the wonderful blanket of SNOW!  Thank God for the little joys in life.

Happy Valentine's Day ~ hope its WARM and LOVELY!