Wednesday, August 11, 2010

High in the sky

The campground has a wonderful new feature this summer... a high ropes course which was enjoyed but all but the youngest and oldest (who is not so thrilled with heights as stated in a previous post!)

It was hot but they didn't want to come down!
their courage was amazing to watch!
stepping out in faith comes to mind
what a fun free activity for the kids!
even Eugene was having a blast amidst not being tall enough to reach some of the support ropes he ventured all over it! Already getting excited for next summer :) Anyone want to join us for a week of camping????

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Memories

Another plus of a meet the new cousin trip was we were able to celebrate Grandpa K's birthday with him, the Sandy Pines Ice Cream is the BEST! Dad doesn't usually get to enjoy the best ice cream store ever but our quick trip up allowed him to indulge with us~ he was pretty happy (he didn't eat both, one was mine and he did give it back!) Yeah for Mackinaw Island Fudge! Lots of fun playing with cousins and friends at the park
We hit the right week ~ Vacation Bible School ~ with over 300 kids there its tons of fun to enjoy. The only hard part was Grandma couldn't fit them all on the golf cart, the boys were thrilled to ride scooters there (amidst Grandma's safety concerns they did great!)
This was our home sweet home -- a little cabin with just enough room to sleep most of us, Grandma kindly invited the older girls to her trailer to enjoy sleepovers with the cousins!
So thankful to enjoy a few beautiful days on the beach and spend time with family. We ended up leaving Ria and Eugene there - NO we didn't forget them! Then they could enjoy the rest of VBS and summer fun for a week while we went back to work another convention! Gr and Gr brought them back home for the big 1st birthday party... more on that later!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Blessed to have cousins

We are so excited to welcome another cousin on the K side!!!
(even though its another girl the boys were still pretty excited:))
My youngest brother Daryn and his sweet wife Kira had their first child, a beautiful baby girl Emmry Ann ~ we couldn't resist getting up to meet her, so between conventions we snuck a "little" side trip in (whats a few more hours in the car?!)
Sweet little blessing!
she'll have lots of cousin fun in years to come I am sure!
We are thankful to God for each life He gives. And we treasured the moments we were able to share with her ~ we'll have to get back soon as I am sure she won't remember meeting us!