Sunday, October 24, 2010

a visit from the newest cousin

We were so blessed to get to spend the weekend with Uncle D, Aunt Kira and Emmry, (3 months) the newest K cousins, over the weekend. we ALL really enjoyed getting to know Emmy more!

We had only seen her a few times soon after she was born, when we were up over the summer. Of course we enjoyed time with Daryn and Kira too :)
Also hanging out in the great outdoors with Uncle D -- I think some hunting lessons were going on! I heard some duck calls a few times. The kids were slightly disappointed that Kimber (the dog) wasn't able to come for the weekend too -- next time they come I think Kira may bring him to stay :) sorry didn't catch any pictures of them outside ~ busy with the babies!
We enjoyed playing games of Ticket to Ride (thanks Gr and Gr for that gift!)Hopefully we didn't overwhelm them with our crazy lifestyle of a family of 8!!!
We had 5 soccer games, plays, and of course normal kids chaos around the house :)
The boys finally got up the courage to hold her before they left.
Even the crying didn't deture Eugene -- he is used to a few tears!
We were just as sad as Emmy here, when they left! We are so blessed to have wonderful family willing to come all this way just to spend a little time with US! THANKS D and Kira (AND Emmry!) for making the drive WE LOVE YOU!
The Q fam

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A day in the life of a homeschool family

We are into our 11th year of educating at home! And I was one who said "I would NEVER homeschool...." Interesting the roads God brings us down! (It was mainly because I was worried my children would turn out like THIS:)
He enjoys doing this to annoy me but he's so cute :)

As we begin a new year of school thought we would share a bit about what we are learning. (well, I had hoped to get this up awhile ago we are starting week 9 in school ~ but here is the overview anyway!)

The middle 4 "Tutu, Ria, Bernie and Eugene" are enjoying traveling around the world! The curriculum we use for school is called Exploring Countries and Cultures and as we travel around the world we learn about the people, the places, the biomes and various other interesting things in each continent. oh almost forgot art and music too ~ call our home phone and you can hear HELLO in 10 different languages!

a world map made by Eugene

a nature notebooking day -- learning about deciduous and coniferous forests

We are also studying the book of Matthew, praying for people around the world with an amazing book Window on the World and reading missionary biographies which are very inspiring! Yes to all you teachers they all do the 3 R's too (Reading - love the library!, wRiting and aRithmetic for all you non-teachers:) )
The day they received their passports in the mail -
great timing as we were "traveling" to Mexico later that day!

The youngest learner in the bunch is learning to sign as well as say lots of words, "read" books (she LOVES looking at them!) play with toys and so much more!

Our oldest "Chuck" began high school at home this year (yeah its almost unbelievable!) he is using a program called Ancient History and Literature for Bible, History and English, Jacobs geometry and Exploring Creation with Chemistry, and German with Rosetta Stone. He is starting week 10 and he and his dad have a healthy competition staying ahead of one another in Taking the Old Testament Challenge daily bible reading! He is working on starting his own blog to share more thoughts with you -- we'll let you know when its live!
here he is doing some reading

Well that about sums up our school schedule -- add some extras like piano, violin, volleyball, soccer, lego robotics, chess club, and co-op and it makes for a busy schedule! (more posts on all those to come!!!)

Oh, the kids didn't want me to forget about home ec -- cleaning, laundry cooking and child care are all in our daily routine too!
So there is a glimpse into a day of our homeschool family ....
and if you haven't seen the homeschool family video by Tim Hawkins here it is ~ enjoy! (we have watched it tons of times and still laugh!)

Amy Q

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Half way around the world....

...2 children may not even know that there is a family working very hard to bring them HOME into their forever family! Our dear friends are nearing the end of the 16 month journey to adopt 2 children from Russia.
You can see more at this link

Your prayers for them are much appreciated!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Burnie!!!!

We had a birthday party for Burnie!!
The theme was U.S. military,
they got to do a treasure hunt --
had to follow directions they did well for the most part!
because it was his 10th birthday he got to have 10 friends over
we had a cook out around the fire it was just a little bit cold
This is last years picture but its so cute!
and he needs a hair cut REALLY bad now so I like this one better :)
happy birthday bro
~ Ria

A day at the soccer fields

Chuck and little one

Burnie and Jack, ready to play!

Tutu staying warm and listening to music

Ria and cutie in the wind

ME playing goalie, really I'm ready =)

Posted by Eugene