Sunday, October 24, 2010

a visit from the newest cousin

We were so blessed to get to spend the weekend with Uncle D, Aunt Kira and Emmry, (3 months) the newest K cousins, over the weekend. we ALL really enjoyed getting to know Emmy more!

We had only seen her a few times soon after she was born, when we were up over the summer. Of course we enjoyed time with Daryn and Kira too :)
Also hanging out in the great outdoors with Uncle D -- I think some hunting lessons were going on! I heard some duck calls a few times. The kids were slightly disappointed that Kimber (the dog) wasn't able to come for the weekend too -- next time they come I think Kira may bring him to stay :) sorry didn't catch any pictures of them outside ~ busy with the babies!
We enjoyed playing games of Ticket to Ride (thanks Gr and Gr for that gift!)Hopefully we didn't overwhelm them with our crazy lifestyle of a family of 8!!!
We had 5 soccer games, plays, and of course normal kids chaos around the house :)
The boys finally got up the courage to hold her before they left.
Even the crying didn't deture Eugene -- he is used to a few tears!
We were just as sad as Emmy here, when they left! We are so blessed to have wonderful family willing to come all this way just to spend a little time with US! THANKS D and Kira (AND Emmry!) for making the drive WE LOVE YOU!
The Q fam

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