Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sometimes its hard to understand why

WHYdo paper cuts hurt so much?

WHY is it so hard to change the sheets on bunk beds?

WHY does the dryer take longer than the washer?

WHY do we have to eat with silverware? (ok that was for my oldest!)

WHY does hair tangle? (ok that was for the girls!)

WHY is there cancer? WHY can't doctors make everyone better?

WHY doesn't every mommy know how to love and care for her child?

I could go on and on!!!

some of the WHYS are ones we say just because and life goes on. But as we are walking through each day, more and more in awe of what a gift today is, I ponder how huge the whole picture of life is. This life of which we only see this little glimpse.

There are so many thoughts in my head, so many ponderings. Knowing that our God is loving and good so the infamous question -- "why do bad things happen if there is a loving God?" I do know that God uses all things for his glory. He loves us and desires to grow us closer to him through each struggle. As we've studied James "considering it joy... when we face trials ....and growing to be mature and complete" All of that is easy to memorize HARD to live! There are so many scriptures that float in and out of my mind --I am SO thankful that God is surrounding me with his words!

As we morn the end of Lisa's life on earth we have hope and are able to rejoice in her complete healing and celebration with her heavenly father in her new home. I know Lisa desired to be a wife, mother, friend for much longer than she was able yet God's plan is different and perfect.

This new friend of mine, who I had only just begun to get to know, has challenged me to live every day full of love and peace -- none of us know how many days we have. Lisa was an incredibly fun loving person who enjoyed her family, laughing, reading books, and playing together. I am honored to team up with this family in schooling together. We will miss Lisa's fun spelling tests, and reading our French history, as well as her jokes at lunch time!


I am sharing some of our fun memories with Lisa from some of our field trips:

Lisa planned a scavenger hunt at the zoo, here she is trying to get some of the kids excited about it --they weren't so sure it would be fun (Mal, Eva and Alex)

On a trip to the Bray conservation center Lisa gives Luke a hand as they explore the pond and its amphibians.

The St Louis Zoo was a fun day where Julia is king of the apes while Lisa looks on.

A family photo: Brad and Lisa with Alex(11), Renee(16), Julia(8) and Luke(13) (Robbie 18 was not with us)

"Until you have given up your self to Him you will not have a real self..." --Mere Christianity by C S Lewis

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

always room for one more...

That is the title of a children's book we have about a family who always makes room for guests, amidst their big family. That is our heart too! God has nudged us to say YES to opening our home to children in need for a time. As we help care for these precious children of God's, we are honored that He is allowing us to be a small part of the bigger picture! One child at a time.
he loves a crowd and the kids love dishing out attention!
When we celebrated our colonial gathering he was just part of the family.
all the kids love LOVING him!
Its a blessing to see them happy to share our family with a little one.

going for a ride - sharing the stroller and playing peek a boo

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hello Young Man

As we celebrated another birthday here on quak flock farm :) thought you would enjoy seeing some of the celebration!

We surprised him with a bunch of friends arriving after his book study group! So what do a bunch of boys do?

Play in the woods of course! They had brought their homemade weapons and had a good long war (thankfully no fatalities!!!)

Of course cake and ice cream were a hit too.

Wow to see how fast these blessing grow seems almost impossible!

Robin hood - (homemade weapons of course)

Big brother

and of course chicken lover -- not eating but caring for!
from the little chicks

to full grown mamas!

We are so thankful God has blessed us with this special son who is growing into a wonderful young man!!!

the honored quak flock mama