Wednesday, August 11, 2010

High in the sky

The campground has a wonderful new feature this summer... a high ropes course which was enjoyed but all but the youngest and oldest (who is not so thrilled with heights as stated in a previous post!)

It was hot but they didn't want to come down!
their courage was amazing to watch!
stepping out in faith comes to mind
what a fun free activity for the kids!
even Eugene was having a blast amidst not being tall enough to reach some of the support ropes he ventured all over it! Already getting excited for next summer :) Anyone want to join us for a week of camping????


Elizabeth said...

you didn't go on that, Gabe??? :D

bartlebunch said...

This looks really neat!!! Where is it at? I've never been camping somewhere with such cool entertainment! Glad you guys had a great summer! Also glad that you are home.

Gabe said...

of course not!
Gabe ;)