Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall, Fun and Friends

OLD IRON DAYS: We enjoyed a wonderful day at a nearby park with our friends the Q-2's. We did a picnic lunch after church and then enjoyed God's beautiful creation! The view there is amazing!

We saw lots of friends there, here Eva and Maggie with Maggie-2. She was dressed for the festivities celebrating the early 1800's era. There were lots of fun games to play from that era as well as many vendors showing activities from that time. We saw woodworking, weaving, basket making, rag doll, corn husk doll, shoe makers, needlepoint, bonnet makers, weapons and lots more! It was great fun!

Here Eva and Malachi work hard together to saw off a piece of wood! They decided they are glad that is not one of their chores :)

They also did egg races, tried walking on stilts, pole climbing and digging in the straw for candy!
It was a gorgeous day to spend together! Here is a family shot say CHEESE!

Almost time to go-- here they are sitting watching the fish (there is a fish hatchery there too)

A great day to step back in time and enjoy how life used to be. And soak up God's amazing beauty of nature!!!

Blessings on your week

The Quak Flock

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Dawn Hall said...

Look who has been busy! I only re-did my blog after 1/2 hour of frustration. I agree with you -- it would be great if we could just rearrange the house, the bookshelves, our closet, so easily!