Monday, July 13, 2009


From the East to the West ... they came.....
to be loved by a family and learn that Jesus loves them more than anyone on earth could. These children (13 on this trip) are orphans from Russia.

Our lives have been changed as we welcomed one of the least of these into our family for 10 days.

Our week began at 1am Sat when he arrived -- telling him it was bedtime was the first thing to do, we learned "spot" mean nap that worked!

We then began a week that taught us to have JOY in each moment and loving every moment of life to the ultimate fullness as if you may not have another. This handsome little man is a simple boy thrilled with little things and happy to just be alive. To be loved and welcomed into a family was truly a treasure to him. Having 5 instant best friends (brothers and sisters :)) he couldn't be happier.
To celebrate Americas birthday together was an experience (that is almost an understatement!) Fireworks, food and friends all less than 24 hours after he arrived WOW!
He wanted to drive a car -- go carts were a wonderful treat for him he enjoyed the thrill and speed of driving. He enjoyed as much as we could fit in a week- swimming, VBS, friends, parks, and even a few movies in Russian!
One of the neatest times was when we were in church and I was able to say "Jesus Loves you, Jesus loves Vaisly!" in Russian, he looked at me and pointed to himself "ME?" he said? I said "YES!" He got the biggest smile on his face!
After attending VBS all week and receiving a bible in Russian we pray that spark that he saw while here will grow into a mighty flame in this young mans heart and that God will use him in a mighty way wherever he goes in his life. We sent him back with Jeremiah 29:11 highlighted in his Bible.

Please pray with us for this precious child of God, to love God with all his heart and find his forever family.

If you want more information on Lighthouse check out this website!

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