Monday, January 11, 2010

Our trip to Springfield IL

On our way through Springfield, IL we stopped to see Abraham Lincolns home (this is the most famous view of his home!)
Although is was really cold it was fun! We walked down his street with wooden sidewalks and gravel roads. Us four younger kids got to be Jr rangers for the day.

We got a tour of Lincolns home and got to see his bedroom and where his boys played. This was the only house he owned.

We went in to the tomb of Abraham Lincoln where his family (3 sons and Mary his wife) are buried except for his son Robert. There were flags from all the states at the time of his presidency.

Here we are in the front of the house. Mary Todd his wife never returned to the house after he died once the funeral was done.

Lincolns home looked a LOT different then our home it had VERY BRIGHT carpet & wall paper because it was the "style"

We also went to New Salem, a small town were A.Lincoln first worked:)
Abraham Lincoln was an honest man with a very hard job to do. He did a great thing giving all people their freedom!
By Ria


Anonymous said...

Cool! we went there a while back and had TONS of fun! God Bless!!
jenny riefer

bartlebunch said...

We went to Spfld, Il this past year on Spring break. I loved it! Funny, I have some of the exact same pictures. Glad you guys had a good time and are home safely.