Friday, July 9, 2010

funny .... i am not sure what to say!

I keep thinking I should post about something, but for me when there is too much to say, I dont know where to begin! Actually when there is too much to DO, I don't know where to start! With all of our traveling this year and a baby keeping us busy I haven't gotten school "packed" up as I like too yet. This week I have pecked away at it, however the mountain is still pretty high! A friend had 4 of the children over for the whole day a few weeks ago, I just had the oldest and youngest.... you'd think that would mean LOTS would be accomplish.... well I realized how much all the others help! and what a horrible procrastinator I am! I did get through lots of books made a give away pile of ones we have outgrown or have doubles of, reorganized all the new books for this school year and moved out all of last years. this is where I really miss my sister Jill! She is an amazing de-clutter! sorta scary when she comes over I am afraid of what she will want to throw away but its a great balance for me the packrat! (still not sure how we are related :) )

well, thanks for letting me ramble... just had to get it out of my system I guess! Since starting this post we got the school room painted and are beginning to get it reassembled :) Feels good having a green room (instead of pink with floral boarder!) green should GROW creativity at least its more calming :) Well more of a sensible post soon just had to let you know we are still around just too busy with working, sorting and raising some great kids. Going to get my iced tea and attack the school room once again!

Blessings on your summer days
Amy Q

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