Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hands and Feet

We desire to serve God where-ever he sends us -- but its tempting to say "He hasn't sent me yet (or I am not old enough, or I am not a missionary, etc!) so I don't need to serve" My thoughts ~that is WRONG! He wants to use you right where you are, at any age! So this season of giving allow God to use your hands and feet to serve those you come to meet! May you be willing to say I'll go where you send me even its its just down the street.
The lyrics of a song by Audio Adrenaline have been going through my head lately.... so though I'd post them here!

An image flashed across my TV screen another broken heart comes in to view
I saw the pain and I turned my back why can't I do the things I want to?
I'm willing yet I'm so afraid You give me strength When I say
I want to be your hands

I want to be your feet

I'll go where you send me
We'II go where you send us

And I try to touch the world like you touched my life And I find my way to be your hands
I've abandoned every selfish thought I've surrendered every thing I've got
You can have everything I am and perfect everything I'm not
I'm willing, I'm not afraid you give me strength When I say [CHORUS]
This is the lifetime I turned my back on you
From now on, I'll go so send me where You want me to
I finally have a mission I promise I'll complete
I don't need excuses when I am your hands and feet Quak Flock 10/10
if you want to see a video of the whole song click here
(they also have information about their hand and feet orphanages in Haiti and Central America on the video)

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