Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where oh where does the time go?

Here we are looking at the end of January already! Time goes so quickly! We have been keeping busy with school, basketball (Chucks team) swim lessons, dr appointments and fighting off winter colds!

Well we hope to share more updates on our life the journey including the struggles and the blessings but that will be another time (keep thinking we'll have time someday!)
Tutu, Ria and I have begun a new home business adventure this month too! Its called Thrity-One and we look forward to telling you more about in as time goes one but for now if you'd like to see what its all about check out our website

Steve and I are very much looking forward to a weekend away this month too! YEAH! thanks to great friends for helping watch all the kids (and animals) so we can have a little time alone!

That is what we are up too.... we really hope to do more posts soon :)
Happy winter to you!

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Gabe said...

Happy Winter!!! its SNOWING!!! yeah