Sunday, December 4, 2011


...means "Hello" in Swahili~ its amazing hearing little children talk in different languages!  Maggie was able to join me on the journey to Africa in order to assist with missionary kids so that the parents could fully concentrate on the training.  She was able to work in the nursery with 2 other wonderful gals, Sarah and Amy (not her mom!)
They had a great ratio 1-2 with 6 children between the ages of 1 and 2 years in their room.  However when all of them are new to you, the new environment, the noise of crying echoing off all the walls... well then it seems like alot!
the playroom with creative soft flooring, tents, and toys!
Maggie was thankful we had brought some little things we could share with the kids during the 4 1/2  hours of daily meeting times.  They were also very creative and made forts from sheets and chairs!  the older kids were able to enjoy a VBS program with more helpers they had lots of fun too!
even worked on geography lessons :)
Sarah and Hannah playing
Joseph is such a sweetie!
The children warmed up to them and after a few rough spots the first day, it got much better for all involved!  These children are so sweet!  Maggie enjoyed hearing them talk, many of them already are speaking in different languages which is just amazing!  One of the little girls would say JAMBO to anyone who walked by :)

Hannah admiring Maggies necklace at dinner
 "It was really neat to hear the stories of the missionaries and get to know them better -- they are still just like us -- just working for Christ in a different place!  I often thought of missionaries as perfect Christians who go to share the gospel, well they are just like us - they like to have fun, joke around, even do silly things!  But its neat to see they are willing to be used by God where he sends them.  And it was a good lesson that God can use my imperfect self too!" Maggie.
there was some play time with the bigger "kids" too!  volleyball on the ocean!
 Yes there was work but there was fun play too!  More on that next!

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