Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lots of goodbyes....(this will be LONG!)

Well, we have had a busy household for the last few months, that all changed the end of March;

As we prepared to say "GOODBYE" to Grandpa and Grandma Q who were heading back to MI (with one of our girls!) We praise God that she completed her radiation and reports look good! We will greatly miss her as a Kindergarten teacher, chef, care giver and listener.
It was great to have them here!!!

"GOODBYE" to a good friend of the family, Sarah, who headed south for 6 months in missions, (she was there the day we got our little guy too)

And we are so excited to see what God is going to do with this fun loving, faith filled friend of ours! We pray God will speak to her in a mighty way while she grows in her walk with him and then goes out to serve!

and finally "GOODBYE" to the "little guy" was able to go back home.

Some of his favorite things, balls and playing outside!

We were excited to be able to visit him this weekend and see he is doing well. Needless to say our house is very different without a little one underfoot! We have found a little sock of his, and a ball he liked keeps finding its way around the house, then while shopping we found his blanket! Well not really his but a new one just like his. We are reminded often to pray for him!!!

We are honored that God called us to love this little one until he was able to be reunified with his family. Enjoy a few memories with us...

a bunch of boys

a little bit of sunshine

what a great team

hold on tight!


so big


And that same weekend we were off on our first homeschool convention! Needless to say we didn't have much time to think too much about missing everyone!!! But boy was the house ever QUIET when we did get home to 4 less people! (you would think I would have had time to post this novel then, but then came the new nephew hence the out of order posts!)

Through these, any many other adventures this year, we have only been able to do what we do because of the grace of Jesus holding us up and providing when we think things look humanly IMPOSSIBLE!
May you trust God to help you do the impossible things before you today.

the Quak flock


bartlebunch said...

I admire you and your willingness to say, "YES" to God on some huge things. Your obedience and grace leave me amazed.
Happy Easter!

Karen said...

You are inspiring-- I love the reminder to trust God for our needs.
Thanks and Praise God for Jesus is risen!