Friday, April 3, 2009

FUN with the rest of the cousins

Not only did we love getting to met the NEW cousin but we had tons of fun in two days playing with all the other ones!!!!

Just takes a little while to reconnect and they were off!SMILE -- there isn't a lap for everyone anymore!

surrounded by the GREAT LAKES ...MI is a great state!
wish it was always this sunny :)

a few of the amazing butterflies we watched

Look at all those beautiful butterflies....

two girls as butterflies and the boy as a cute caterpillar
We enjoyed a day out with some of the cousins to see a BIG horse!
Fun just with FIVE year olds :)
so neat to see the cousins playing well together

a visit to some botanical gardens was a beautiful reminder that spring is coming!

It was a beautiful sunny day so there were lots of butterflies to watch too
as well as lots of fun things to do in the children's tree fort outside!

Look at all those cute kids!
(who pose VERY well I might add!)

Doing a great job keeping Gr and Grs house from being quiet or boring!!!!

Here we got to watch an Easter play with "Jesus" dying on the cross, (with a crown of thorn - aka headband -on) being wrapped in cloth (sleeping bag) and rolled into the grave. Then he arose (crawled out of the sleeping bag) and the "ladies" came back to look for him but he was gone!!! It is precious to see the children acting out bible stories :)

Gr K got to be read to from the reading "book" that Gr Q helped Z make!
goofy girls -- they look a little scary here but they are just being silly -- really!

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