Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello little guy!

Well, we did a spontaneous road trip!
(It was only 9 1/2 hours :) the attitude makes all the difference!!!)
And this morning I got to hold this sweet little baby boy!!!

What a treat, he is just a tiny little bundle with chubby check amidst being early.

Who doesn't LOVE baby toes? yes I even got to change a diaper
The Q's and Ks sure do fill up a couch!!!
Eyes wide open though he looks a bit worried...
couldn't be all the annoying flashes in his face that would bother him?????
another K. BOY cousin YEAH!!!!

We celebrate with this family and praise God for this healthy little boy.
If you want to see more adorable pictures or read their whole story check out their blog

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bartlebunch said...

Amy, he is precious! His hair reminds me of my boys'. I read their blog. I never battled infertility and I can't even imagine a fraction of how hard it must be, but what an awesome testimony of God's timing! That picture of the premie needs to go to every abortion clinic in the nation. WOW! I had no idea the features were so evident at 21 weeks. Is this your sister? Please extend congratuations. Have a safe trip home!