Tuesday, December 8, 2009

O Christmas tree.....

For the last 9 or 10 years we have have put out our manger at Christmas and put the gifts around that.
We haven't set up a large Christmas tree in over 6 years! Between little ones and moving it was one thing we intentionally skipped! This year it was decided (with a little persuasion from lots of helpers) that it would be fun. Though I miss the fun of cutting it down, it sure was easy to just pull it out of a box! They all enjoyed laughs and memories while pulling out homemade ornaments they had made in years past and finding special ornaments from loved ones.
the bead lady ~ the girls got all the lights up then nicely strung the pearls
finding an open branch was quickly a challenge!
not so hard for those gifted in height :)
it was neat to see them all enjoying the memories ~ it was suggested that putting it away can be just as fun :) when I mentioned maybe packing it up BEFORE Christmas you would think my name was scrooge! I just thought one less thing to do when we return - oh well!

We enjoyed a fire and Christmas music to set the mood then roasted marshmallows over the fire and feasted on s'mores! (thanks Gr K for starting that fun tradition!!!)

May your families enjoy warm memories together as you prepare to celebrate the birth of our King!
Love the Q fam

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Toni said...

Yay1 So glad you provided a link for your family blog. I've added you to my list of reads.
Goodness, your kids have grown SO much. Your dd looks just like you, Amy. And what a precious thing that foster children are now experiencing the blessing of time spent in your care and with your family.

Did I tell you about the difference I *know* foster parents make, even in the youngest of children who might spent the smallest amount of time with a foster family? A best friend from highschool enlightened me. Several years ago, she learned a family secret, that her dad was not her biological father. It was a devestating experience due to the secrecy and some fallout from that. But one thing that she shared was so touching to me as a former foster parent. She said, "I was placed in foster care for the first 2 weeks of my life. Someone soothed my first cries, got up with me throughout those first nights, and poured love into me until I was reunited with my family. Who were those people? I only know that it was a couple in Cleveland. But who? I'm so grateful that they opened their hearts to me as a newborn stranger and I can never say thank you for being there when I needed the love and careful attention that all newborns need." Her words made me cry. So Amy, be encouraged, you and your family, that ANY time spent helping a family in crisis will be used by God to His glory. Carl and I are talking about getting relicensed in the future. It's only talking for now. But it's a first step.....again. :)
Toni H. and family