Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 months of 2009 in the Q fam...

12 months of 2009 with the Q family

12 Angry Men (Steve’s drama debut!)

11 Beds for making (plenty of room for guests)

10 Homeschool Conventions worked (and much sightseeing enjoyed)

9 Laying Chickens (we are getting used to country life – sorta)

8 Subjects studied at our Homeschool – enjoyed being in a co-op again

7 Serving Jesus daily desiring to reach those who don’t know Jesus here & around the world

6 Days for Work (5 at MFW and one at home always lots to do)

5 Golden Children: Gabe, Maggie, Eva, Mal, Zeko

4(+1) Trips to Michigan to reconnect with family and friends

3 Sports played (soccer-boys, volleyball, and basketball)

2 Instrument Lessons (all are taking piano and violin)

1 New Foster Baby (She came into our home in Aug at 6 days old)

We pray 2010 will be a blessed year for you and your flock!

Much Love the Quak flock

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bartlebunch said...

Beautiful picture and wonderful testimony of God's goodness in 2009!