Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On the road again...

So after the Fort Mc Henry stop, we continued on up the East coast to MA.

We spent a few days in Plimoth (or Plymouth for you moderners!) It was not the best weather but made it all the more amazing to think of the terrible conditions those at Plimoth endured!!!

First stop: the Wampanoag Indian site - very neat to see what Indian life is like, preparing the fields, cooking lunch, building summer homes etc
They had burned out a new canoe (the one in the background) but it was too wet to "scrape" it the one the boys are admiring actually was taken out to the ocean by modern Indians and returned safely! This hadn't been done in well over 50 years! amazing in such a small boat!
the boys favorite -- an Indian with a hatchet!
Let go in and see whats cooking!
Walking to the English village you feel as if you are walking back in time. Each actor plays a person that lived in the village and tells you about life in their time. This is a view of the village from the fort/church buildingMending her husbands jacket - just going about "normal" life was fascinating to watch!
Lunch time - chicken with some rice. The children had played old fashioned games with Peregrine and Samantha before they had to go eat!

A dining area -- the houses are so small there is no such thing as rooms! some had attics where the indentured servants may live.
The girls got to try their hand at old fashioned cleaning!
a cradle would sit next to the parents bed which was the only bed the older childen would sleep on the floor maybe on matsSuch a fun experience to see what life may have been like at Plimoth plantation!!!
Next stop -- the MAYFLOWER!!!

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Anonymous said...

Plimoth or Plymoth Plantation which ever way was fun I hope. It wqas fun when I went as well. It just goes to show that life then was not as easy as it is for us today. My favorite part was the pilgrim houses. L.Patty