Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Next stop...Niagra Falls

We were ending two weeks of travel and everyone was getting tired but we enjoyed an afternoon stop at Niagara falls. As it was before open season we couldn't walk down by the horseshoe falls but it was amazing even from above! Zeko was impressed we were "so close" to another country, Canada!
The ferris wheel over there looked pretty good to him!!! We thought that was all there was so we walked along for awhile then had our picnic supper, finally a beautiful day to sight see!!!

After we ate, we went for one more bathroom stop and realized the American falls were behind that building!

So we did a little more walking, oohing and awing :)

It made me a little nervous having them leaning over the edge!!!the rocky bottom didn't look too good to me!

The two little boys were mesmerized, as they'd throw a stick into the water on top and squeal with delight at it thundered down the fallsWhat an incredible display of God's amazing nature!!! To see the power and hear the thunder gives a little glimpse of the power of our Almighty creator!! The Lord God made it all!!!


Abby said...

those falls are AWESOME! glad you guys were able to see them.=)


CuthFamily said...

That is so cool! I have never seen the falls before, but that sounds like a lot of fun! By the way, on the list of blogs you like on the side of blog, you might want to take My Strength and Song off and put Jenna's new blog on...Miss you guys!


Anonymous said...

Aren't those falls awsome?! I've been there once before and because it was dark and of the light reflecting off the falls I thought that they were purple and pink. I'm glad that oyu had a fun time. L.Patty