Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aboard the Mayflower 2!

Not sure what you picture when thinking of the Mayflower but it was WAY smaller than we had thought! Again the weather was wet and on the colder side. But much more realistic of what the voyage would have felt like! (we went back the next day which was sunny for some better pictures!)

The boys peeking out the back window. All the windows would have been shut on the voyage, as musty and dank as it was when we were there I can't even imagine WANTING to travel for months shut up in bottom of a boat like this!!!

They aren't really sure what the "cabins" were, they may have stacked beds like this or they may have just all lined up on the floor. There were 102 passengers which likely didn't get above deck until they had crossed the ocean!

a HUGE anchor rope
They look like a pretty good crew!!! The boys wanted to climb the rigging I was glad that wasn't allowed!!!

The girls look over the ship from the dock.
This was the closest we got to the ocean; plenty of shells and treasures at low tide! The official plimoth rock :) At least we can say we saw it!
Not really sure its the real thing but it was neat!

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THat looks like fun