Sunday, May 3, 2009

next stop...Fort McHenry

We left Frederick MD Sunday and headed toward MA. As we were driving we saw a sign for Fort McHenry, I talked the driver into making an impromptu stop (that isn't always so easy!) It was a great day and turned out to be a great stop! Here we are at the entrance.
Cannons pointed out to the Bay. The boys were thrilled with all the battle stuff cannons everywhere how COOL! ( superman somehow got in our picture ?!?!)
As we are now "southerners" we got put in jail :( This weekend happened to be a civil war reenactment weekend which made it all the more fun!

How about some hard tack for lunch? or maybe not!

replica of the flag hanging when "Star Spangled Banner" was written;
as well as cannons that had hit the fort
Soldiers marching into fort. What a neat way to see history!
We enjoyed our long lunch stop that day! And have a bigger appreciation of all those who have fought for our freedom!!! THANK YOU!!!

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