Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day campout


Since we were pretty sick of GOING places we decided to camp close to home -- the back yard! It was lots of fun finding all the camping stuff as we haven't camped in almost 4 years! The kids got the tents up and thankfully there weren't any holes!
Best campground around :) very clean bathrooms ha ha!!!

We enjoyed a hotdog roast for dinner with fresh watermelon -- YEAH summer is here!

Of course we enjoyed the traditional smores too :)so sweet and dainty and then.....doesnt he just say CAMPER??? look at all the DIRT!

Everyone slept pretty well I guess and we were just waking up when we began to hear sprinkles on the tent. We quickly got everything into the house and instead of making our own donuts over the fire we went out for them!!! As its supposed to rain again tonight I think we'll camp out inside tonight!

A huge thank you to all those who've gone before us
paving the way for our freedom!
As we celebrate family and our freedom
we remember it was not without cost.

Blessings from the campin' Quak flock!

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