Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A beautiful day outside

A couple of days ago my sister got me all dressed up for a photo shoot...
We went out in to the field, thankfully we did not get covered in burs or ticks!
Though I did get some chigger bites :(

Posing by a post, we took LOTS of pictures it was very fun!

I picked a purple bunch of flowers, they were so pretty.
Here I am with some of the little flowers

I don't really read books in trees,
but the photographer wanted me to pose this way, so I did!

Go out and enjoy God's nature TODAY!
Hope you have a wonderful day

~by a 10 year old~


Jenna said...

I love your prairie dress, and very nice post:)


ally said...

What a beautiful girl, those pictures were amazing. Keep up the photo shoots.

And you did a wonderful job on the post. Good job!!! I'm proud of you.

With much love,

children of the farm said...

AWWW! you're so cute Eva, i love you girly.;)see ya'll later!
~jen r.