Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big Steps Little Feet

15 years ago, I joined a wonderful homeschool family in their new business venture, opening a child care center. I was 19 and still in school working on my Early Childhood Degree. Rob Young, the owner, (either in amazing confidence or complete ignorance) hired me to be the director of the whole thing! WOW what an experience that was!

Our desire was to provide the best Christian care for those who couldn't (or chose not to) be home with their children. We were entrusted to help raise these precious gifts from the Lord and what a blessing that was. I have so many fond memories of those years. And feel like I owe many parents apologies for all my parenting advice -- you shouldn't be allowed to give advice UNLESS you are a parent yourself! It doesn't matter what kind of degrees you have!!!
(Some pictures of our fun days at Big Steps....)

A few highlights from my BSLF years --
* Making sure the staffing ratios are meet -- try scheduling 20+staff and over 100 children and making it all work out!
*Making meals that are healthy, well balanced, and kid friendly x 130! (I should be better at that by now -- still not my strong suit!)
*Getting to be a kid again and PLAY, read stories, and wonderful nap time :)
*Being able to work with so many friends what a wonderful treat.
*Enjoying pajama day with all the children -- then having a cute guy come and propose to me right in the middle of our preschool! (yeah, Rob was in on that too and convinced me not to change out of my pj's- however I insisted when he pulled out a camera!!!)
*Making wonderful friends with lots of families and watching their blessings grow up.
*Getting to send them all home every night! That was a shocker when I had my own 24/7
*Being able to have my children in the room right next to my office so I could see their first rolls, crawls and steps.
* Getting to know a blessed homeschool family who taught me that following God's call is most important -- Sorry I always gave you such a hard time about homeschooling, look where it got me! -- I have learned not to say NEVER
Getting to work at 8am with 2 under 2 was a challenge!
Yes that is me with Maggie and Gabe

I am thankful God has called me to be home, but that season was used by Him to grow me in so many ways. Thanks Rob and Annette for all your love and encouragement.
(and reminding me its been 15 years!)
May God continue to guide you as you help those little ones take
And best wishes to Kathy who has grown and improved it as director since I "retired" and to Jana (their oldest) as she opens her own BSLF this fall!!!

FYI the name came from a song by Mary Rice Hopkins
Chorus: "I may be small but HE lives in me I've got Big Steps and Little Feet"


bartlebunch said...

I so enjoyed this post. I had no idea that you once worked outside of the home. I've been on both sides. You're right following God's call is always best. Thanks for blogging. I appreciate your steady faith and wisdom.

Elizabeth said...

I love the old pictures!! Is that really Gabe??


Amy Q said...

YEP its him! The first pictures Gabe was 3 I think and Maggie about 1 1/2, the last picture Gabe was 19 months and Maggie 2 months.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's a picture of you and Gabe and Maggie :) Jen O.