Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a VERY busy day (by a 12 yr old)

Today was a VERY busy day. :)
First of all I had to do my chores (we all know just how fun that is) chickens, cat, trash (pewwee) then breakfast, school, lunch, piano and violin lessons, recess (that was fun) then I had to dust and got a little rest then up on my feet again and off to volleyball as soon as that was done it was off again to drop a friend off at her house and to pick the 3 little kids from Dad. It ended up that us 4 little kids got to stay and watch some of Dads 12 Angry Men play practice (he did pretty good from what I saw) while mom picked my older brother up from soccer but my day doesn't end there its 7:30 P.M. and I was HUNGRY yes I had a apple, cheese stick and a granola bar but that was at 4:00P.M. so you can understand why I was so hungry. Had dinner and it feels good to just sit down and relax. Need to take a shower and get in bed. Tomorrow will be here all too fast! (i wanted to put pictures in but the day was too busy and we didn't get any -- maybe next time!)

All in a day as the oldest daughter in the Quak Flock!!!


Lainie said...

You made me tired just reading all that!

I hope you get plenty of rest and that the Lord is the source of your strength on those very busy days and every day.

And yes pictures would be fun especially of the chickens. I think your chickens are pretty :)

Grandma K said...

M -- your days are WAY too busy for me! :-) Loved your journal of your day tho! My, you have lots of chores to do. Hope the other kids do their fair share too! Wonder what their story would be?! Can't wait to come see you in a little over a week!

Love Grandma

children of the farm said...

wow...amazing maggs.;)