Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Make a joyful noise.......

Its not quiet symphonic sounding yet.... but we are entering our 2nd month of violin lessons. Our piano teacher is expanding our musical horizons with a string instrument. We have been so blessed to be able to borrow a few and Gr and Gr K surprised us with 2 little ones for the boys!

There almost isn't enough room for everyone to bow! Its neat to see them all working so hard to learn something new.
The Q Quintet

-- you may need to turn your volume up to hear the wonderful music....

(this is my first time trying a video so if it doesn't work I'm sorry!)
I am sure more to come as we improve!!!
Enjoy making your joyful noise today too :)
The Q's


Rebekah said...

That's fantastic! I fully expect a concert next time I'm over.:)


Kari said...

How awesome! I love the Quintet!! I'm looking forward to the first concert already:)