Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We seem to be on a roll with field trips....
We ventured out on a cool fall day with our homeschool group -- Thankfully God held the rain off! It was a very nice farm.
4 of the kids posed by some corn stalks ~note how CLEAN everyone is!

After gathering our group we loaded up on the hay wagon for a ride out to the pumpkin patch. The boys are pretty sure they got the BEST of the patch :)
one of them is showing his strength holding it with only one arm.

Everyone + pumpkins back on the wagon for the ride back in.
It was great fun being with friends :)
They had lots of fun activities for the kids to do back at the "barn". A hay jump complete with a mattress under the straw for extra bounce! The kids LOVED this!!! There were also goats to feed, a "corn box" (like a sand box) and a huge corn maze to wander in (none of them got lost- but they did manage to get pretty muddy!)
We enjoyed our day at the farm even the "little pumpkin" did great! Hopefully we'll get the pumpkins carved sometime this week.... off to find the calendar to fit that in!!!

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