Thursday, June 3, 2010

Felt like just yesterday....

Both Steve and I grew up at a campground called Sandy Pines. We were blessed to be able to spend Memorial Day weekend there with family and friends! So good to spend time with old friends and just relax for a while! The kids enjoyed the water and Steve took the little boys out in the row boat which they enjoyed. Jumping off the dock is hours of fun :) especially when the water is so warm.And always fun playing games with Grandma! Chuck had spent most the week there working with both Grandpas, getting his golf cart license and hanging out with friends! WOW is he getting old! Its been a long time since the water has been this warm on Memorial day weekend -- really felt like the middle of summer instead of just the beginning! What fun to have a few days to really relax, we enjoyed a few really nice sunny warm days (which we made good use of the beach and water park!) and a few rainy days which made for good game and movie days :)
All the K cousins what a crew! looking forward to another on in the mix next month when my brother and his wife have their first! YEAH! That means another trip to MI to meet him or her soon! Tutu with a piggy back (Sydney) and piggy front (Molly) Eugene and Grey enjoy playing BOY stuff!
Ria is the bottom of the sandwich with Raleigh, Brinley and Sadie on top! Even though the weather wasn't great we did get to the water park with cousins for a bit, some of them did a round of mini golf then we hung out in the trailer (all 20 of us!) COZY! Thank goodness Grandma keeps good snacks and lots of games! and sports on tv keep all the big boys (and dads) happy!!!

We were glad the Cuthbertsons and Snoeyinks could join us for an afternoon Tuesday which turned out to be a GREAT beach day and that meant a stop at the ice cream shop. Sad I forgot my camera :( sorry no pictures of the yummy delicious ice cream! (Karen if you got any send them over!)
A stop at the Regans before we left was a real treat for all of us! The boys enjoyed a grass fight exploring the barn and just being with friends, the rest enjoyed being with friends, the smell in the barn (just kidding!) helping with chores... well they were willing anyway! And we enjoyed some adult fellowship!

So that was our side trip we squeezed in before heading to Chicago area convention, a few more hours in the car -- they all blend together!

"May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God,

and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all." 2 Cor 13:14


The Riefer Fam said...

Wow I love your backround!! It's reall cute:) WE miss you so much and can't wait to see you soon. Looks like y'all have been having lots of fun!!


Elizabeth said...

It was so much fun to go to sandy pines with you guys!!! I had a lot of fun!! :)

So, Gabe, are you going to have your own blog now?? I noticed you have your own profile! That would be cool if you do! :)


Gabe said...

I hope so!!! If I can finish school then we can talk about it, It was great seeing you guys at The Pines