Friday, May 28, 2010

Life on the road...

After 2 weeks on the road ....the van is pretty messy and kids are pretty tired!

Going from MI to WI via the U.P. where we were blessed to visit old friends, Cuthbertsons - THANKS for a fun night and a MUCH nicer "hotel"! A neat but fast trip.Our hotel in WI was very nice and clearly also a MESS! -- I guess I should say lived in :)
As we were trying to figure out where 2 cots and a portacrib were going to fit Tutu toured the porch and said "how about out here?" It worked great... well until it rained .... they only got a LITTLE wet! It was very nice to have the hotel attached to the convention center so the baby could get some good naps!

After our two weeks out we returned home for 5 days. On the way back from WI we had met Gr and Gr K who picked up Chuck for a week with of fun and work! It was different not having him around for the week!
More on our adventures to come!
Grateful to have the opportunity to travel and visit new places and meet new friends!

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