Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!!

My Mother,
isn't she Purty :)An Ode to Mothers
My mother is so sweet
She knows how to make good things to eat
She keeps the house so clean
And is cool even to a teen :)
She has love enough for us all
In Winter, Spring, Summer, And Fall
She teaches us School
And helps set up our pool
We Loooooove you mom!!!

Chuck & the rest


Toni said...

How is the placement going with that precious little one? I know your amazing family is prepared to be in His will, but as an adoptive mother myself, I can't help but Wonder if God's plan is unfolding toward adoption.

Btw, Carl and I are checking into relicensing this summer.

Amy Q said...

Toni ~
as each day goes by our hearts are more entageled with this little blessing! You know! There will be another court date in Aug which may be a termnation hearing so we wait. and PRAY!
We will pray for you too! its such a big commitment but with God all things are possible!!!
Blessings to you all too!
Amy Q