Tuesday, May 25, 2010

in Da U.P.

Ok for all you who have no idea what that means :)
da = The U = Upper P = Peninsula (of Michigan)
In my humble opinion the rest of the U.S. does a VERY poor job teaching MI geography!!!

we were blessed to travel over the Mackinac bridge to the UP. The weather was amazingly warm for that time of year which made wading in the water refreshing!
Our family by the 5 mile bridge that connects the lower and upper peninsulas

have you ever held a lighthouse in your hands?
3 cute boys loving finding rocks on the lake!over the bridge we go
(the kids were very worried it would be too windy and we would blow off! It wasn't) We spent the night at a hotel right on the Lake Michigan.
We walked down the lakeshore road from our hotel to dinner WONDERFUL!
Sweet Ria enjoying the lakeshore at sunset
Eugene and Tutu wading out to the sandbar to investigate! Breakfast on the beach how fun!
So long as you don't let the seagulls get your food you're good :)

It was a wonderful start to our day which lead to hiking at Pictured Rocks on Lake Superior,
a post on that will be coming!

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