Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tutu and Ria singing in the car

Are they related to me??????

We are experiencing communication problems.... apparently not all contracts were signed before this went public.... so until further notice this video will no longer be available (sorry!) If you would like to see the video returned kind encouraging words to the singers would be helpful!

Yes it was a long ride to Atlanta, GA!!!
Does this qualify as a JOYFUL NOISE?!?!

~ Chuck

We made it safely ~ and got the booth all set up today with enough time to relax in the pool for awhile tonight. Two busy days of working then tear it all down and head home.


Elizabeth said...

I like the video!! :) Our car often sounds like that, too! Except a lot of the time they're singing songs from Annie!! :)


Zeke said...

Dare I watch?

Amy Q said...

I messed up a couple other videos because the camera shook so much :)
I not sure if I would recommend that you watch this but wouldn't rate it worse than PG, ha ha

Zeke said...

So, I watched it, sort of. Like the first five seconds, and, by that time I had pulled all of my hair out!