Monday, April 12, 2010

We're Back...

From our first convention, and I found I am missing doing daily posts! I will try to get some out as often as possible during this traveling season!

Due to commitments of the upcoming Snoopy play, Chuck stayed home with the Nisbett family and had a great time in a large family. We really missed his muscles for set up and tear down!

Run down of our weekend:
WED 1 pm depart from the office van full of STUFF and kids (had Sonja with us as an additional cashier since we were down one!) PLUS the trailer loaded with books!
9:30 pm find hotel get some sleep

THURS 8 am wake up celebrate Tutu's 13th birthday then on the road again
11 am arrive in NE begin pushing in 18 carts and setting up the booth
5 pm finish up set up and join friends for a wonderful dinner and fellowship
9 pm settle 8 people into hotel room and try to go to sleep THIS is a challenge! age range 8month to 15 yr + mom and dad :)

FRIDAY 8 am grab quick breakfast and off to the convention to talk with homeschoolers
1 pm sit for a few minutes while eating lunch with a few kids, baby is doing well
6:30 pm lights turn off, shopping hours over (we needed to find a flashlight to close down!)
7 pm kids went to a wonderful homeschool families home for pizza and the adults were blessed to enjoy some time to talk over dinner.
10 pm back to hotel tuck in and zonk out quickly!

SATURDAY 7am another quick breakfast and off to day #2
9 am share talk on School AND Service which was a wonderful blessing to many even me!
11 am share talk on Occupying Toddlers and Preschoolers while teaching older ones
12 pm back to booth, baby wanting mommy, quick lunch
3:30 pm convention closes and tear down begins thanks to wonderful helpers we were done by 6:30 pm and enjoyed a Mexicans feast for dinner.
8:30 pm swimming in the pool at the hotel ~ great reward to the kids for all their hard work
10 pm hit the hay one last night at the hotel

SUNDAY 9am check out of hotel and head to church
1 pm enjoy some down time at the Kelseys home THANKS for having us over!
10 pm get the kids settled for a sleep over

MONDAY 8 am pack up and prepare to hit the road again
4:30pm back into the warehouse to unload the trailer

a few days home and off to do it all over again :) well actually this week a the oldest 4 are staying home for dress rehersal THANKS to Gr and Gr Q for babysitting! It will be very different with no big helpers!

off to babyproof the house ~ she started CRAWLING!!! and she is FAST! better run! (We had hoped to add some pictures but the camara is not unpacked yet ~ will try to add them soon!)

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Elizabeth said...


How's convention season going? Tell "Chuck" I said to break a leg in Snoopy. Have a lot of fun, too!!! And tell everyone else for that matter! :)

Good Luck!