Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A day at the "lake"

What a beautiful Easter Sunday! Warm temps, sunshine and family couldn't ask for much more!

We enjoyed a feast of food AND Scripture for lunch :) Then enjoyed being outside the rest of the day. We did an Easter eggs hunt on the rock wall -- harder than it seems!

note to mom -- next year call GRAPES jelly beans so we don't have the sugar high!!! chocolate melts in the warm van.... oh well ~ we tried!

Blue eyes enjoying the blue sky

There were some great things to plan on, this huge suspended net was one!

they boys were liking the lookout, even though Chuck doesn't like heights he was doing ok.

sand fun, yes she tried to eat it too

great rope swing into the creek

spring fed so it was refreshingly cool :)

let me swim! she really wanted to SIT down and play! Tutu did a great job keeping her dry

whole beach to themselves, well almost they felt right at home!


Zeke said...

Gabe doesn't like heights? What?!

Anonymous said...

Actually they only bother me if they're really high or if I'm leaning over a railing or something like that. As an example I didn't like Niagara Falls or the Arch in St. Louis. Usually though I can hide it pretty well :)

children of the farm said...

yeah--member at camp a few years back i did that obstacle coarse up high w/ your mom and maggie..? last time i am ever doing that.
;)my dad picks me up and holds me over the railing at hotels when we're on vacation--with me screaming, of course.
don't like heights.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, really, "Chuck", I didn't know that! I guess you hide it pretty well! :)

Do you like roller coasters? (On the topic of heights...) I think you already know that that I do. :)


It's so funny calling you "Chuck"... :)

Anonymous said...

Yes I "member" camp, and that is why I didn't do the "HIGH ropes course":)
To answer your question Elizabeth NO I do NOT like roller coasters, actually only tutu likes roller coasters.
And I agree its kinda weird being called chuck but I'm getting used to it.