Friday, April 23, 2010

a year older

for 2 of the Q kids in April ~ Tutu and Eugene

A happy birthday to you a happy birthday to you
May you find God near every day of the year!

A happy birthday to you a happy birthday to you
And the best year you've ever had!
(thanks Alvaros for teaching us the best birthday song!)

Tutu celebrated turning 13 in 3 states as we were traveling!!! we were able to find a cake ~ imagine that the sell them all over!!! and celebrate in NE with the Kelsey family FUN!
Then her sister made her a cookie cake when we returned home, which was very SWEET! (pun intended)
Then the baby - well MY baby turned 7! He is growing up so fast!
very excited Gr and Gr Q treated us to our favorite restaurant for birthdays! THANKS! And glad the birthday spankings were completed! Amazing with all the practice Grandpa gets he still has trouble counting :)

Gr and Gr K arrived to celebrate too - more cake to come I am sure!
Birthday treats for all the actors and actresses at Snoopy!
just DON't ask Eugene to show you how he cracks his hip OK?

You are both beautiful blessings we are so thankful God has placed you in our family! May you grow closer to HIM every day and live each day giving God all the glory!

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