Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All dressed up

and ready to go to church. We were all VERY much anticipating the day of celebration!
We were actually early and had time to take pictures, which is unusual on Easter Sunday!
Like the floral wreath on Chuck? We do :)
the ponderer... Tutu what ya thinking?

Ria ~ we LOVE your smile!

and Bernie looking so grown up!
there is just something about being the youngest that... well ....Eugene -- keep living life with joy

The little one enjoyed Easter too!

the line up, they really do grow way too fast! (14, 13, 11, 9, 6yr)

The whole crew

~ A family picture ~
We enjoyed lunch (after our season of lent it was WONDERFUL!) with Gr and Gr Q at the camp they are working at this month which is about 90 min from us. More pictures of all the fun we had there to follow!

The Quak Flock


iammygirlsmom said...

You have a BEAUTIFUL family! The formal picture of your family is just full of personality :) I love it!


Amy Q said...

The more children you have the more interesting group photos become :) THANKS!

Amy Q said...
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