Friday, September 24, 2010

High School at Home

At our house we have a school room but only two of us kids are currently doing school in that room. I'm doing school in the basement so I can work without being disturbed, the boy's are in the dining room and the girls are in the school room. My mom made us a schedule for this school year, I tweeked it so it would work for me. I wake up, then I exercise, take a shower and get dressed, I eat breakfast, then start school with Bible, History, and Chemistry. Then I have Geometry, do some chores and then eat lunch. After lunch I practice piano and violin, then I do my English (Writing, IEW, and Grammar). Homework and exercising is next, (with the family). then I have free time until dinner.

These are pictures are of me from last year while I was doing school.

More Soon, See ya'll later


The Riefer Fam said...;)

Elizabeth said...

Hey, Gabe!

Did you and your siblings make it into Seussical?? I haven't heard anything in a while, and I was wondering...

Your Sister in Christ,

Gabe said...

Oh yah!