Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blessing others - DAY 3

One of the things we have learned is that when you intend to bless someone.... you are often the one who is blessed! That's exactly what happened to us today.

We are enjoying the amazing "hills" here well, most of us, the baby is not so fond of them and seems to feel better by emptying her stomach on the curves - poor thing! Actually poor siblings sitting next to her!
This tunnel was a hand picked tunnel -- (made by picking away at the rock!) pretty amazing to realize how hard it was to get around years ago and how much we take our modern roads, tunnels etc for granted! We are in coal country and have learned a lot about the hard life so many here have lived. The towns here are dying as the mining has changed over the years. So sad to see towns so vacant and falling apart.

Wednesday Project:
#1 Paint bedroom at home of the C's
  • WORKERS: Q family and Mr and Mrs C
  • STATUS: completed!
We were blessed to help an elderly couple today paint two rooms in their home. As we worked the children were thrilled that Mamaw (Mrs. C ) kept offering kool-aid and cartoons! They were great painters too. We got both rooms primed then painted (bright cheery colors i might add!) in less that 5 hours!

#2 Paint family room at home
  • WORKERS: Q family and Mr and Mrs C
  • STATUS: completed, with the exception of some trim which needed to be painted white yet - Mr C will finish that another day
The kids enjoyed helping but didn't mind when they got to take tv breaks -- a very special treat as we don't often watch them. Here they are showing off their work -- though this room was almost entirely painted by Mr C. He was such a hard worker! We could hardly keep up with him. What a lesson in hard work -- he has breathing issues (from years of working in the mines) but he wouldn't sit down and take a break! Perseverance we saw demonstrated before our very eyes today!
this is an old tool used long ago in the mines - Eugene or "Huber" as Mr. C called him :) worked hard to "dig" down with it, he did well too!
Here is the work crew. Mrs C loved having some girls in the house. We made some news friends today. We were there to bless them but their hearts and kindness blessed us!
Lord may we be thankful for what you have blessed us with, family, health and so many earthly possessions. May our eyes not get stuck down looking at all our stuff but may we look up to you and give you praise and honor and glory for the things of heaven which really mater! AMEN

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