Saturday, November 13, 2010

Family Service highlights + BOOK GIVEAWAY

One of our goals for the week was to help figure out what it takes to make a family mission trip work with The Community Crossings; finding the right balance between work, fun, and making sure the family has time to grow together and deepen their walk with the Lord. Serving as a family has lots of benefits one that we felt is you all come home with a shared experience, able to spur one another on when you return to the hum drum of daily life back home. Also time away from typical schedule of life allows you to have time together that often is not taken when at home.

The above picture is of the Community Crossing facility ~ the old high school was given to them! Its a wonderful place where lots of ministry happens. (I am still bewildered at how school buses ever got close, the streets are SO steep!)

We are considering going back and would like to take a crew of families with us .... so if you are interested let us know... it would be fun to serve with a bunch of families! We would likely go again fall of 2011. If you are interested in going sooner or helping with donations please contact Community Crossing ph 304-436-8300 or let me know and we can connect you!

Daily we met with Randy Wallace from Mustard Seeds & Mountains ministry,another local ministry. He is the author of Mission As Life a great book which we highly recommend all families read! Especially if your family is looking for a jump start to service or ministry. We enjoyed spending some time with him and being encouraged to not leave serving in West Virginia but to take it home and continue on in our hometown. A few highlights:
  • Commune with God ~ spend time listening to His word and what he wants us to do
  • Community ~ we can serve right were we are, it takes time, make sure to schedule it in!
  • Compassion ~ it takes a heart that is willing to put others first and self last then DO IT
We want to bless someone with the book MISSION AS LIFE-- so if you want to win a FREE copy:
  • Post a comment (make sure your email is in your comment so we can contact you if you win).
  • If you want to get entered twice post a link to this on your blog and comment here that you linked it.
  • If you really want the book you can comment again for a third opportunity to win, with a story about a mission/service project you have done or one you hope to do!
We will draw the winner the 27th. Best wishes!
Thanks for all your support while we were off on this adventure! We pray that God continues to mold us into the servants HE wants us to be!


mary said...

I love love LOVE this. Thanks for sharing what God is doing in and through your family. So inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Amy, I have excited about reading your blog about your mission/ministry trip. I am glad your family found such a neat place to go and serve together.

It just gets me more excited about our family trip to Mexico this coming week. My kids are excited about going and helping the kids and the ranch. Scott and I are excited to be able to go as a family. We are interested in doing other family mission projects so keep us informed on your plans. As far as the book it sounds great and one that if I don't win I will probably purchase and share with some other families in our church who have a passion to serve with their families.

Sierra said...

Thanks, Amy. We are wanting to start going on mission trips as a family. I would love some information on trips with little ones:) I love reading about your family!

Lucy said...

Dear Amy, Steve, and the Q Crew,

Thank you for sharing with us this past week. It was great to follow what you were doing and to share in your trip by praying for you.

Hope to see you soon Amy!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Qs!

I've loved reading about your fun missions experience! Also, count me in for the giveaway! That sounds like a great book.

Love, your sister in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy! You read my mind!!! a few years ago, we fell in love with homeschool family camp...ideal family vacation! But, since then, i've dreamed of taking it one step further and tackling a family mission trip!!! what an excellent way to grow together as a family while honor the Lord through serving others!!! LOVE IT!!! We'd sure be interested in more info! What a Blessing!!! the Oetjens.

Heather said...

Wow! This was so inspiring, thanks for sharing. Hope we get the opportunity for this someday.

Anonymous said...

Please enter me in the free drawing.

Judy Cureton

Anonymous said...

We love your family and are so glad for your story to continue to wet our appetites for families on a mission together. Our current mission is to change the world around us by bringing light and love into each situation we encounter... but we're still hangin' out for that cross-cultural one! We love and miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an awesome trip! You are so good to post all of that! I don't know where you find the time. No, we have not been on a "mission trip," but have found great ways to serve right here. I think I have shared with you before, so I won't be redundant, but just thought I'd say hello and check in with you guys...
Miss you and Love you!
Melissa O

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun and great opportunity, Quaks! Thanks for the update :-)

Mike B