Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a new flock

When we first began this blog we had just gotten our first "flock" of pest control.... chickens to eat all the ticks and chiggers here! Now after our 200th post, We still have 7 of that flock keeping us supplied with fresh eggs regularly.  However they are going on 3 years old!!!  It seemed to be time to welcome in a new batch.  So we got some Easter chicks!
Easter morning all lined up! 15,14,12,10,8,18 mon
colored eggs.....
 We had fun picking out the new batch, and the kids thought the colored chicks were too cute!  they will outgrow their "color" in just a few weeks.
Colored chicks...Sweetie (pink) Peep (blue) Poopy(yellow) Jolly (green)
Little one is enjoying watching these new "things"!

Tutu picked her 3
Little One gently holds a chick

Eugene protecting his chicks

Bernie and his baby chicks

Ria holding one of hers

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