Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh the places you'll go Hike IV

Crazy thing called the HIKE - just for fun going on a 20 mile hike with 80+ friends, it really IS fun! 

After a brief shower the sun came out.  It was fun seeing all the red in the front yard as they started at our house this year!

Kept telling myself  "If John can do it I can do it!"  Way to go!!!

Yes even Little One tagged along, she made it 8 miles!! (with LOTS of great helpers - THANKS!)

Oh the places they went... up and down and all around!

They even took pet turtles along for part of the hike - amazing.

they just keep coming... (or going!)

Looks like the cadets are out of formation... General wasn't there until the afternoon!

For you out of towners these are HUGE hills!  The kids were amazing.  My friend, who I think was one of only 2 adults to do the whole thing, totally amazes me!!! Way to go Allison :)  someday maybe I'll be able to keep up with you!

She doesn't look very happy here... but she did great!  Even willingly shared her ride with a few other little people for bits of it (until we got to a hill and it got too heavy!) 

Prayer stops along the way were a blessing!  One of them we prayed for our Little One ~ her case was once again in court ~ we are honored to be her pre-adoptive home and trust God's plan will bring permanency for all of us soon!

Long way for little legs!  He made it 8 miles in the morning with mom and then about 4 more later in the day with dad!

In case you were wondering about our route... just follow the shirt :) its the white line on there!

Yes, that is the Cat in the Hat leading the way!

Flower power?  He made it 8 miles in the morning then decided to rest and play with friends!

She was  the ONLY one who needed to stretch her legs!  and Chuck,  he made it all 20 miles!!! way to go!The girls made it about 16, still pretty amazing to me!  We are all feeling it today :)  guess we should work up our stamina more before next year!

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