Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sandy Pines on the Fourth of July Weekend!

Q fam with Gr and Gr K
We were blessed to be able to spend the holiday weekend with family and friends at Sandy Pines.   We made the best of the rain with a picnic  ~ enjoying friends and playing silent card game with 15 kids in a trailer!  amazing how that keeps them quiet :)  Then we were blessed by 3 beautiful summer days, fun at the water park, the beach, the parade, fishing and playing with cousins!  Well here are some photos from our trip. 
Big and Little friends!
Fun on the playground (before the rain)

Luke and Naomi had fun too! Special catching up with these little ones who change so quickly!
another great group game under the pavilion (during the rain!)
Another little buddy!

The Sandy Pines Ice Cream Store is the BEST!  trust us order a baby cone!!! :)

Fun catching up with some cousins too!
Mom and Dad K

Q family red and blue (guess we forgot the white!)
Waiting for the parade to begin

Steve with Dad and Mom Q (color coordinated well for the 4th!)
Exciting times, at 12 you can get your "golf cart permit" at Sandy Pines!  so we now have another driver with her permit as well as 2 with their golf cart license!  we also enjoyed have our 15 yr old get some drive hrs in on the way up (yes we made mom sit in the back seat but she remained quiet enough we didn't have to use the duct tape!)
Our 2nd FAVORITE stop.... the CANDY store :) now with 2 drivers they ended up there often!
 We have completed 8 out of 10 conventions so far this season and this little girl has been a trooper!   We are so thankful to have such great big brothers and sisters to help out with her.  Thought you'd enjoy seeing some of her many faces!  We are blessed to have her smile in our family!   Blessings on the rest of your summers! 
please pretty please more candy???
learning how to swing takes concentration

keep looking up!  

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