Monday, September 29, 2008

Apples, Snakes, and Virgina all in a day!

From the zoo 3 of ours with some friends trying to blend in with the Zebras

The A a apple cake (I love edible lessons!)

Brownie and Misty -- I think -- the kids will correct me I'm sure on a roosting box

Look at my wings I want to fly!

Mol Moo these are for YOU!

Sometimes when I feel like we have gotten NOTHING done I just look back over our day and think actually....

We made apple cake and looked at the stars inside apples for our hands on phonics lesson today (I love the edible lessons!) and bless his heart Z is eager to learn whenever there are little moments!

Our science was learning about reptiles and yes today was my favorite (please hear the sarcasm in my typing) Snakes! the 3 main kinds - constrictors, venomous and the most common "good" ones called colubrids -- well the kids enjoyed it and learned they found a 49ft 992 pound snake in Asia!!!! glad we don't live there!!!

Virginia was an English colony in America started in 1607 with Jamestown I could go on but I am sure you didn't want to read a history lesson today :)

The girls were a huge blessing to me: today after school I fell into the chair to sit for a bit they quietly whispered "Let's clean the kitchen and make dinner for mom!" I just smiled overhearing plans for Macaroni and cheese! It was great -- why is it always better when someone else makes it? I am so thankful for all of the children's willingness to pull together and help. Ok now don't even begin to think there aren't squabbles -- I am pondering the good parts of our day :)

Our Bible verse today was James 1:19 My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, As we are working our way through memorizing the book of James what a constant reminder of what WE need to DO (or NOT DO!)

We saw God's hand in nature as a sudden rain storm popped up this afternoon with hail the size of large marbles!!! G was stuck in the chicken coop! He had run out to make sure they were all in (2 must have hid in the woods) but then it was raining so hard he just stayed out there! It blew over pretty quickly and he came in with the first egg "fatality" He thinks one of the chickens had tried to lay and egg on the roosting bar instead of in the box -- well the drop from the bar to the floor is about 3 feet -- needless to say the egg didn't make it. Hopefully the eggs will get stronger! or their will get smarter and lay in the boxes!!!

Enough for today -- Lord willing there will be tomorrow to do it all again!


Quak flock Mama

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