Thursday, September 25, 2008

in our yard... the chicken came first!

After months of tenderly caring for our flock of chickens (aka pest control) we have our first eggs!!! The children's excitement in collecting the whole ONE egg is fun to watch :) Today we actually had 2! They have seen the chicken actually lay the egg twice -- to their great delight picking up the "fresh" warm egg is a thrilling reward for parenting them all these months.

The boys have decided that we should give our first fruits -- I mean eggs, to God -- they decided giving them to Pastor would be a good way to give them back to God. Maybe we'll even have a dozen by Sunday.

Next time you eat your eggs enjoy!


The Mama of Quak flock


Dawn Hall said...

This is so sweet! Glad to hear the hens are laying ;)

career2homeschoolmom said...

Wow, the egg was a good size too! I was expecting to see a tiny little thing.

What thoughtful children to want to give your first fruits!

Welcome to the blog world too!

daryn said...

Next home school project..... "the egg drop"!

Nice work to those of you who raised the chicks. When are you going to get some ducks and have some duck eggs?

-Uncle D

Anonymous said...

Leave it to D to think of the "egg drop"!!! That brings back memories. So excited you are finally getting eggs. We'll look forward to FRESH eggs in a few weeks! Love Mom

thebook said...

That's sweet.

meg r. said...

Wow! I'm so glad y'all have a blog now:) We'll be checking it often and of course leaving lots of comments! The title was so cute and fitting~quakflock!The picture was perfect too:P God bless!