Sunday, January 4, 2009

Home sweet home

We returned home after 2 weeks! That is a long time to be gone but it feels good to be home.

Some of you asked how we travel 10 hours with 6 kids -- well here are some of our "tips for fun family travel" and NO we don't have a DVD player -- really its ok!

bottles "to go" work great! especially with such wonderful big brothers who help!!!

  • lots of family friendly audio adventures -- some of our favorites; Adventures in Odyssey, Jonathan Park, Down Gilead Lane, Keys for Kids, The Pond (the chocolate story is MOMS favorite!) Your Story Hour, we try to check some books on tape out to take as well.

  • 140 mile snack -- everyone likes to look forward to a treat! this way its not constant food rummaging -- EXEMPTION -- DRIVER (if its mom) or NAVIGATOR (if its mom :))

  • car bingo boards these come and go but especially for the little ones they enjoy "shutting" all the windows

  • The classic ABC billboard game or license plate version

  • driving at night has been a great hit for all of us -- the kids think of it as a sleepover in the car -- only kids could look forward to that! and we like the lower noise volume and fewer stops!!!!

  • We have a travel game box that only comes out for trips so the games/toys are special and we know where they are

  • always start your trip with prayer
This van is FULL!! Of passengers that is we actually had room in the back (on the Nov trip) this time we were full to the brim!

So for anyone who wants to take a little road trip we'd LOVE a visit.... no excuses! and no pressure :)

I hope to post some Christmas pictures here soon -- somehow life seems to fly by!

Q mama


Rachel said...

Those are some great suggestions! I'll be putting them to use during our road trip next week. :)

children of the farm said...

I love the new blog look!!! We should get one too:)