Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We feel like we are back in MI! What fun to have everything covered in a blanket of white snow.
We spent our morning putting the finishing touches on our basement suite or apartment or in-law living quarters or whatever you want to call it! Making sure it was welcoming for Gr and Gr Q who arrived today! YEAH! We are thankful they arrived safely and are all settled in. They were hoping to come south to be in the warmer weather! hopefully soon! She will begin radiation here next week. We are looking forward to lots of games, and fun time together while they are here 2 months or so. The kids already got game time in tonight -- they love it! You'd never know his blood thinned by moving south-- he was out most of the day -- it did require 3 cups of hot cocoa to warm up in between!
Yesterday sledding was "the best ever" as the kids said. It was icy and very fast! today they had to work on the track then it was ok "better for making snowballs!" is what I heard.

They enjoyed building race cars! Thanks Alvaros -- the idea works in snow just as well as at the beach :)

We were blessed to see lots of angels today. Praise God they are always around us -- its a delight to see the snow angels too!

Praying you have a blessed day!
the snowy Quak flock


Jenna said...

Hey Q's! Enjoy that snow while you have it! Just a little secret - I can't wait until Spring/Summer:)

children of the farm said...

How fun! We've been sledding a lot..see pictures on our blog!:)See you all on Sunday--