Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fun with the boys

We enjoyed a LOVELY spring day today! We tried to stay outside as much as possible, picnic lunch, yard work and of course play too... here are a few other random pictures:

Big brothers are such a blessing!!! We couldn't stop laughing when the boys feed they open their mouth when the baby is supposed to open theirs (this shot caught the closing mouths together!)-- do you do that???
boy was that GOOD!
Ok this one is just plain goofy --- and you can tell whoever took the picture is laughing so hard they can hardly stand still!!! Yes our 8 year old is in the exersaucer!!! he is pretty spindly but still over the weight limit I think!

School work -- why write with my pencil when I can stick it to my nose???
hope this gives you a few laughs for today! more of the girls soon!


Jenna said...

Cute pictures:) Amazing that Malachi can still get in the exersaucer!!!

Have a ~Wonderful~ warm day!


p.s. Thanks for following my blog:)

Cuthbertfam said...


We were just looking at your blog...everyone started laughing out loud at the picture with Gabe, Malachi, and Alex with their mouth closed...I do that too! Also the picture with Malachi in the excersaucer, everyone thought it is so funny!


Anonymous said...

very cute pictures!

children of the farm said...

Oh, the warm weather was soo nice while it lasted:) I'm so completely ready for spring!! Mama got out all her gardening magazines the other day to start dreaming of the flower garden she'll make... after she's done schooling us all:)

haha, we all liked the one of Malachi in the exersaucer:)