Saturday, February 21, 2009

one day at a time...

We just want to say thanks for all your thoughts and prayers over the last few weeks.

Most people think we are crazy -- this week I have felt like we are too!
But God is so good, he gives us hugs from a friend, a smile on someones face, and sunbeams (thankfully we aren't in MI or that wouldn't be so!) just when we need a little does of encouragement!

And there is hope for tomorrow!
Because we serve a mighty God.
Thankfully this journey of life we will never walk alone.

May you be filled with his peace today!

Love the Q fam


Jenna said...

Beautiful flowers! It's so cheery in this cold Febuary weather isn't it?! I believe that I'm ready for Spring...:)
Thankfully we've got kids due next week!!! Then in no time it'll be warm weather again~

God Bless,

Regan Family Farm said...

Hello dear friend! I was so sorry to hear the news of Lisa, but thankful she is finally with Jesus. So blessed we are, to have the example of you, Steve and the children. Miss you~