Sunday, February 8, 2009

a happy birthday to YOU

Another double digit celebration last week for our little girl! (sorry can't find pictures right now! we'll post them as soon as we find them!)

We had a special pancake breakfast -- she didn't mind that the decorations didn't get hung or that the cake never got baked -- I'm feeling like a bad mom but there has been alot going on! We enjoyed going out for dinner with Gr and Gr Q -- that was a treat! And yes the waitresses sang happy birthday, totally embarrassing her! Lots of mail and packages made her feel VERY special!

We celebrate the beautiful young lady she is growing into and I am SO thankful for all her help with the baby and just around the house! She is always quick to help the other children in school, or in play. Very willing to help in the kitchen often surprising me by cleaning it all up!

She is enjoying Bible In Me on Wednesday nights and does well with her Bible memory, she enjoys piano lessons and playing with her sister (most of the time :)) She enjoys friends but is content to just be home as well. We are so thankful for the blessing of Eva in our family and pray the God will use her to bless many more in her life!

Happy Birthday sweetie!


Jenna said...

Happy Birthday Eva!!!
Looking forward to seeing you soon:)

The Regan's

Cuthbertfam said...

Happy Birthday Eva!

Hope you have a happy birthday!!

the Cuthbertsons

Regan Family Farm said...

Happy Birthday Eva!

Iam glad you had fun at your party.
Is'nt fun playing house? I hope you had a good day.